What human soft skill version choose?


Human Soft Skill adapts to your business. Choose 3 different levels of service and request additional services, for better selections and Employer Branding.


For Small and Medium companies.

55.00 €/mese

All the features of Human Soft Skill with the utmost convenience.

For a Small and Medium company that privileges the cost element, does not require special customization and manages a limited number of selections and candidates.

This version contains all the functional elements for easy handling of selections, to collect and manage the candidates interested to work with you, allows you to use the Test Skills Catalogue for Technical Skills and Soft Skills.

It allows simultaneous management of 2 selections and a database of 300 active candidates.


For companies with a large number of selections

95.00 €/mese

For the company that wants to run a good database of candidates. .

For companies that run many selections and a large database of candidates, attracted by a "Work with us" page or custom search engines.  


This version, in addition to all the features of the START version, includes automated chat management, personalization of the "Work with us" page, managing 8 simultaneous selections, 3 simultaneous access and a database up to 800 active candidates.



It is the version for HR managers or HR structured offices.

115.00 €/mese

This is the version of Human Soft Skill for the selection professionals.

For selection companies that handle many selections for different clients, they require an unlimited number of selections and a large database of candidates.


This version includes all the functions of the START and ADVANCED versions, unlimited selections, access with 6 users at the same time and a database of up to 1200 active candidates, all customizable templates.

Comparative table with list of features




Using cloud software with Saas license

Assistance on operation via chat or telephone within 6 hours


Multiselection (number of selections at the same time)




Number of users per company




Profiler: from Job Description to Reference Profile

Profiler: Soft Skills in the Reference Profile

Creating your ad in various templates

Post ad on company site

Configuring the page "Work with us"

Custom Match Manager

Integration with test catalog

Customize your test catalog, edit or load new tests

Agenda Management talks with email submissions


Candidate database management

Limit the number of active CVs in the database




Simplified curriculum upload form by semantic search for positions

per month

per month

per month

Additional Services

Applying the evaluation tests in the Human Soft Skill catalog or other scientific partners.

Prices as from catalog

Training on software usage, price per hour. Support for implementation questionnaires.

50€ per hour

Online help from our selection expert for switching from job description to reference profile (minimum half hour).

75€ per hour

Full management of the Selection Process with the work agency, our partner. The company will handle the conversation management; the CV database will remain in the company.

On request

Other additional services. Customizing the WorkSpace with additional features. . Integration functions with administration systems importing candidate lists.

On request